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Lemon import customs clearance agents need to pay attention to seven issues

  Lemons are native to Malaysia and are now found in the United States, Italy, France, the Mediterranean coast, Southeast Asia and the Americas。Lemons like warm, shade resistant, cold resistant, afraid of heat。Therefore, it is suitable for subtropical areas with warm winters and cool summers。In China's Guangdong and Guangxi areas are planted, but the lemon on the market in our country is imported from abroad。Let's share lemonsImport customs clearance agentProcedures and procedures。

Lemon import customs clearance agents need to pay attention to seven issues

  Lemon import customs clearance agents need to pay attention to:

  1, lemons should come from registered origin, orchards and packaging factories。

  2.Fruit name.产地.The name or code of the packing plant should be marked on the fruit packing box。

  3.Lemon varieties shall be consistent with the contents of the license, the number shall not exceed the number of licenses, and unapproved fruit varieties shall not be carried。

  4.The fruit should be free of soil, branches, leaves and dangerous pests such as diseases, insects and weeds of concern to China。

  5.The contents of toxic and harmful substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals shall conform to national standards。

  6.Apply for official phytosanitary certificate of exporting country/region。Note: In case of container shipment, the container number shall be reflected on the certificate;The consignee on the certificate and the consignee on the Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit are the same as the person who signed the trade contract;Where a bilateral agreement requires a special declaration to be reflected on the certificate, a declaration shall be made。

  7.If there are special requirements in the bilateral agreement, the bilateral agreement shall be implemented。

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