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Agent import process

* The operational cooperation between the agent and the agent depends on the specific situation of the business

Import commission fee

Generally, import contract value is charged1%, minimum RMB800元/票If the customer has a large quantity of goods and the frequency of imports is high, the price can be negotiated。

Import commission fee


Customer feedback

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  • Cosmetics import customers

    Cosmetics import customers

    We only know how to use our products, and generally do not do research on its principle and structure, which can only let you Qiannuo employees help us check。 In order to obtain the required filing elements, you have many ways。 To ensure the correct declaration of our products, customs, commodity inspection and inspection are also very smooth。This way of doing things ahead of a rainy day is commendable!

  • Pharmaceutical import customers

    Pharmaceutical import customers

    A friend of mine said that their foreign shippers are sometimes very demanding, So they asked you to pay quickly, Usually in the morning to the Qianno account, You can pay it this afternoon, It arrives in the afternoon and is usually paid the next morning, Occasionally in an emergency, You can pay for it this afternoon, On the speed of payment, Almost always meets their needs。With that kind of efficiency, I'd like to try it with you guys。

  • Footwear import customers

    Footwear import customers

    Our goods, after arriving at the airport, generally 2 days can get the goods。Faster speed saves a lot of storage costs (secretly happy)。

  • Plastic products import customers

    Plastic products import customers

    Goods floating in the sea for more than a month, after the port, you want to immediately get the goods, you are really good, no delay in time, 3 days on the loading and delivery, good, give a good review。哈哈

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