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What is the classification of enterprise import and export declaration, and what are the main categories?

  Enterprise import and export declarationWhat are the categories? What are the main categories?

        First, the enterprise declaration should be classified according to what categories?

  1.According to the object of declaration classification: can be divided into transport declaration, cargo declaration, according to the purpose of declaration classification: mainly divided into inbound and outbound declaration, according to the implementation of customs declaration activities classification: self-declaration and agent declaration according to the means of transport: land transport declaration, sea declaration, air declaration。

  2.Classification and nature of enterprises:

  1) With import and export rights: foreign-funded enterprises: Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperation, wholly foreign-owned private enterprises (with import and export rights)

  2) Without import and export rights import and export enterprises declaration: three to make up: incoming processing, sample processing, assembly, compensation trade。

What is the classification of enterprise import and export declaration, and what are the main categories?

  How many main types of import and export enterprises are there?

  1.Manual record:

  (1) Processing trade: Processing trade manual to the customs in advance;

  General trade: No filing required。

  Iii. Import and Export:

  1) Processing trade: full bonded import, free of duty and value-added tax, all finished products re-export。

  2) General trade: levy of import duties, duties and value-added taxes, export of finished products or domestic sales。

  Iii. Storage of goods:

  (1) Processing trade: bonded goods shall not be misappropriated, exported or moved without authorization, and the customs shall regularly inspect the import and export business of enterprises;

  (2) General trade: after the customs is taxed, the customs completes the customs formalities and is no longer subject to supervision。

  Iv. Goods release:

  (1) Processing trade: when the goods are released for import and export, there is no need to review the price, handle a series of relevant documents, and the goods are released quickly;

  (2) General trade: When importing and exporting goods, the customs should strictly examine the authenticity of the declaration elements, unit price and other goods, and the goods are released slowly。

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