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What are the two matters that need attention in the cross-border e-commerce export declaration process?

  The first step is to prepare the customs declaration。Before the goods arrive at the customs, it is necessary to prepare the documents required for customs clearance, including commercial invoices, product lists, customs declaration orders, shipping company shipping orders, and verification orders。Before the goods export customs clearance, be sure to check whether the documents are complete, to avoid being detained by the customs because of the problems of the documents, affecting the transportation time of the goods。It is recommended that new sellers prepare these items a month in advance so as not to rush things。

  The second step is formal declaration。After preparing the documents, the official export declaration begins。Formal customs declaration needs to stack the detailed information neatly, be sure to avoid damage or unknown pollutants on the paper, and then enter the customs declaration window to submit to the customs staff。

  The third step,Examination and inspection by customs staff,This step has to be taken,Here are the customs declaration materials submitted just now,当然,Before the manual review,Must go through an electronic review process,If everything is all right,Travel after audit;If there is a leak in the material or the material is not ready,Then it's time to start all over again。Manual audit is similar, but the inspection is more troublesome, it should be noted that if the goods exceed the local customs tariff threshold, you need to pay the corresponding tariff oh。

What are the two matters that need attention in the cross-border e-commerce export declaration process?

  The fourth step, the formal clearance, after the last station is the warehouse audit station, there will be a warehouse station staff standing next to the machine, the items you carry materials through the machine, if there is no problem here, you can officially customs clearance, will sell things to the customer's home。

  Third, cross-border e-commerceExport declarationMatters needing attention

  Two points to note in the export declaration process:

       First, before customs declaration, learn about the policies and requirements of the customs of the destination country on the Internet, because each country will be different in customs declaration。

       Second, some countries need to pay tariffs in the customs declaration process, so carry money with you in order to need it, if you do not bring it, the trouble is yourself。

       It is recommended that novice sellers must carefully read the specific process and precautions for cross-border e-commerce customs declaration。If you want to make customs declaration more simple and easy, you can use the customs management system of 4PNT Quartet network for customs clearance management, which can meet the needs of general trade import and export, cross-border e-commerce import and export, market procurement trade and other customs clearance management。

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