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The operation cooperation between the agent and the agent also depends on the specific situation of the business

Customer feedback

A year can not do a few exports, equipped with professional talent is not worth it, looking for you to do the agent is actually the most economical。

-- Garment export customers

I used an agent before, after receiving foreign money, the transfer to the factory can be slow, you do not have this situation here, every time is very fast, great, continue to maintain!

-- Export customers of mechanical and electrical products

We don't understand the export, so we want to find a particularly knowledgeable, so that we can take us through the whole process。I feel so much better with you guys。

-- Children's toys export customers

One began to feel that your home costs a little high, but through a circle of phone down, feel that your home is the most professional, the most reliable。

-- Electrical machinery and equipment export customers
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