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【欧洲杯压球平台】 When personal items are detained by customs, how to solve it?

  First, the import customs broker will discuss with you the contents of the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 43 of 2010。

  Its contents are as follows: individual to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan each limit of 00 yuan;Items sent to other countries and regions are limited to 1000 yuan each time。

  The limit price here is not the actual price of the goods, but the taxable price。It should be said three times!

  Generally speaking, there are four kinds of postal tax rates :10%, 20%, 30%, 50%。If the amount of tax is less than 50 yuan (including 50 yuan), the customs shall exempt it。If the goods sent from abroad to the country are deducted, do not panic。The following three problems can be solved。

【欧洲杯压球平台】 When personal items are detained by customs, how to solve it?

  First, return, where the goods are returned to where, some freight need to pay their own;

    Two, see if you can return to Hong Kong。If you can retreat to Hong Kong, come in from Hong Kong, which can save a lot of time;Returns also require customs declaration。

  To find an import declaration company to do the customs declaration agent, no longer according to personal items, but according to the general trade goods tax, this import declaration to pay taxes。

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