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Choosing import and export trade agency company is the most important aspect to see?

  At present, there are too many import and export trade agents in the market, and they give all kinds of quotations。Many importers and exporters do not know how to measure prices and values, and do not know from what Angle to investigate import and export trade agents

  Due to the low threshold of the industry, just engaged in three, five people or even mom-and-pop shopsImport and export trade agencyStill a large proportion,Because brand reputation and service hardware do not have much advantage,Their way of living is blind price war,Once a partnership is established, such companies cannot provide stable and reliable customs clearance services,Once encountered a certain difficult customs clearance problem,Will be helpless,Insufficient capacity to deal with urgent problems in a timely manner,Result in the deletion of orders, returns and even enter the anti-smuggling and other irreparable losses。

  Do import and export trade, our value is often hundreds of thousands, millions。Compared with that little cheap, find a good service, strong brand import and export trade agents long-term cooperation, often can bring you better profits。This kind of import trade agents generally operate in the industry for more than 10 years,Accumulated a large number of network resources and customs clearance service network,It has certain scale strength and brand awareness,The ability to solve all kinds of sudden problems and difficulties encountered in the process of customs clearance,The ability to import goods to your hands faster and safer,More professional, safer, more efficient and less worrying,Is your ideal long-term strategic partner。

Choosing import and export trade agency company is the most important aspect to see

  Many professional import and export trade agents are first-class freight forwarders and can obtain some scarce space from shipping companies at a low price。Moreover, many import and export trade agents have their own customs declaration banks, warehouses, fleets and other service supply chains, which can ensure the timeliness of the whole process of import clearance and import cost control, and save the cost of every link for customers as much as possible。A professional team, supply chain and strong emergency response capability can provide you with a safer import agent service。

  Choose an import and export trade agent not only to see the quotation, but also to consider whether the import and export trade agent can guarantee that your imported goods are foolproof。The offer may not be low, but long-term cooperation will certainly save you more import costs。Choose import and export trade agents, not only need to telephone communication, but also need to understand more and more comparison, more importantly, the field inspection of the scale of import and export trade agents and professional, I believe it can bring you a more intuitive judgment

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