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International freight common sense - How to solve the problem of "dumping container" in import clearance goods?

  In foreign trade, freight forwarding, logistics and other industries, the cabinet is a very common word, the cabinet is a container, that is, a container, mainly refers to the shipping container, including the whole container and LCL dumping cabinet。

  LCL is relatively rare, because LCLImport clearanceThe company is generally strong, and the shipping company relationship is better, and the LCL involves multiple customers, multiple tickets of goods, so the LCL import clearance company will try to avoid dumping the container, so the LCL freight forwarder will try to avoid dumping the container, unless it catches up with the customs inspection, it can not catch the ship。

  Actually, releasing the boat doesn't mean throwing away the locker。Throwing the cabinet means you have no problems in all aspects and can fully catch the boat。Just because of the ship's unilateral reasons (more times than the actual shipping space), your locker is simply thrown away。And the delay, generally due to the reasons of freight forwarders or shippers, really can not catch up, so it has to be postponed to the next flight。

International freight common sense - How to solve the problem of


  That is to say, after the goods enter the port and declare customs, the shipping company will dump the container when loading, and there is no need for customs declaration and inspection, because such containers have already been released by the Customs and due to the reasons of the shipping company, the shipping company will arrange another ship or postpone the shipment to the next voyage, and there is no need for a second customs declaration。It's called a "missing pack."。

  2. Apply for withdrawal again

  However, if you cannot apply to the shipping company for missing the shipment, or for other reasons, the customs does not agree to the missing shipment, you must go through the customs return procedures, and entrust the team to the shipping agent/shipping company to complete the loading procedures。Conversion requires deletion of a restatement。

  3. Active operation of cabinet dumping

  Export goods, by sea for a long time, more or less will appear "dumping cabinet" situation。And all we can do is do our best。We try to avoid what can be avoided, and remedy what can be remedied in time。No, really. Just the normal transfer process。

  For the time point of the explosive warehouse dumping container (such as major festivals, etc.), plan in advance, try to avoid this period, let the "dumping container" occur as little as possible, complete the relevant operations as soon as possible before the various deadlines, import clearance companies always pay attention to the dynamics of the goods before loading, and timely confirm whether the goods are normal on board。Genuine, immediately contact the relevant shipping, documents and other procedures, timely communication with customers, never conceal, with a sincere, professional attitude, let customers accept。

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