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What is the current situation of China's import and export trade, and how does it affect foreign trade companies?

  The basis of a country's foreign trade is its trade structure。The development and change of trade structure directly affect the development of foreign trade activities and economic development。Since the reform and opening up, especially after China's accession to the WTO, its foreign trade has encountered new opportunities and challenges in its development。It is necessary to correctly understand the current severe situation, carefully analyze the change law and development trend of foreign trade structure, and make efforts to build a better foreign trade power。

  First, the development of China's foreign trade structure。

  Foreign trade structure, the broad foreign trade commodity structure, should include foreign trade commodity structure, mode structure, mode structure and regional structure。But this paper is to study the narrow foreign trade commodity structure, that is, the foreign trade commodity structure。In recent years, the scale of China's foreign trade continues to expand, the total amount of imports and exports in 1980 has reached 381.$400 million;In the third year after our country joins WTO, export and import total 11545.500 million US dollars, the average import and export trade growth rate of 14.7%, ranking third in the world。对Import and export tradeThe degree of dependence also has a rising trend, which indicates that China's economic development has more and more influence on the world economy, the dependence on the outside world is also stronger, and our economy has close contact with the development of the world economy。

  1.The proportion of exports of manufactured goods is much higher than that of primary products。After the reform and opening up, the export-oriented strategy implemented in China has greatly promoted the export of manufactured goods。With the development of China's foreign trade, the export of industrial products has also had a lot of room for development。At present, the average ratio of manufactured goods and primary products in China is 93:7, which is much higher than the average level of 60:40 in developing countries and 80:20 in developed countries。

  2.Labor-intensive products have become the main export products。Since reform and opening, our country vigorously develops labor-intensive industry。First, through decentralization and restructuring of state-owned enterprises,We will accelerate the development of township enterprises,Electromechanical assembly,In the coastal open areas, labor-intensive industrial clusters, mainly clothing and textile, have formed rapidly.On the other hand,Our country is opening wider to the outside world,Introduction of foreign capital,We will accelerate the development of processing trade,Export-oriented industries have also accelerated greatly in the process of industrialization in China,机电,The light textile industry and other labor-intensive industries began to rise to the international market。

What is the current situation of China's import and export trade, and how does it affect foreign trade companies?

  In 1966, China's first major export of petroleum was replaced by clothing and textiles。That means that the export commodities of our country have changed from resource-intensive to labor-intensive。

  Second, China's foreign trade structure changes。

  1.The proportion of exports of manufactured goods in total exports continues to rise。

  For example, from 1980 to 2004, the proportion of China's primary product exports in total exports decreased from 50.3%降至6.8%, while the proportion of manufactured goods exports was 49%.7% went up to 93.2%。

  2.Exports of manufactured goods and technology-intensive products have increased, while the share of labor-intensive products has declined。At present, still taking 1980-2004 as an example, in China's industrial manufactured products, the proportion of labor-intensive products exports is dominant, but has shown a downward trend, from 75 percent in 1980.That fell to 46 per cent in 2004.5%。However, the proportion of capital - and technology-intensive products in manufactured goods rose from 21 in 1980.8% increased to 53 in 2004.3%。It should be highlighted that in 2003, the share of labor-intensive exports in manufactured goods was replaced by capital - and technology-intensive products for the first time。At that time, the gap between the two countries is not large, but it is enough to show that the structure of China's export commodities is constantly optimizing at this level。

  Thirdly, the development trend of China's foreign trade structure is analyzed。

  1.Keep China's foreign trade steady and coordinated growth。Foreign trade has a pivotal position in our national economy, its rapid development will certainly have a huge impact on our country's economic and social development, so as to maintain a stable, coordinated growth。

  2.Accelerate the transformation of our country's foreign trade growth mode。It is necessary to establish a set of scientific performance evaluation system for foreign trade development in practice, and guide local governments and enterprises to correctly handle the relationship between scale and speed, quality and efficiency。We must change the original extensive foreign trade growth model and focus on improving quality and efficiency。

  3.Actively participate in the formulation of international economic and trade rules。In order to maximize our foreign trade interests, we must strive to make our country in the multilateral trading system and regional economic organizations to obtain a greater say, and to win the international trade rules favorable to our country。

  4.We will pursue common development with other countries to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results。Our country should continue to adhere to the path of peaceful development, properly handle trade frictions with all countries in the world, strive to develop with all countries for mutual benefit and win-win results, and create a good external environment for the development of our foreign trade。

  Iv. Summary。

  In short, in the early stage of economic development, China relied on the advantages of rich labor resources and vigorously exported labor-intensive industries to foreign countries, which was in line with the level of economic development at that time。However, with the rapid development of economy, China has accumulated a large number of capital and technical elements, and the proportion of capital and technology-intensive industries in foreign trade exports has increased。Especially after China's accession to the WTO, the trade structure has been improved, the trade pattern has undergone great changes, and China is participating in the world economic arena as a world power。However, opportunities and challenges coexist, China's trade power road is still a long way to go。

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