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Professional customs declaration common import customs declaration 5 easy to make mistakes, have you ever?

  1.Customs code classification error

  The customs code, the tax number, is yesImport declarationBill and customs judge the core of the goods。The wrong code can lead to different import declaration elements and even affect the import declaration tax rate。If the code is wrong, customs checks will find the problem and need to change or delete the order and rereport it, which requires more customs clearance time。The solution to this common import declaration problem is to find an experienced customs broker, or accumulate more experience in commodity code classification。An accurate customs code is a prerequisite for smooth customs clearance。Therefore, many potential risks can be avoided by consulting the customs broker before declaration。

  2.The number, quantity and unit of customs declaration are incorrect

  Most of the time, the customer cannot lack the difference between the quantity said by the customs and the quantity of the unit。Customers generally say that the quantity refers to the actual quantity of goods, but the quantity column filled in the import declaration refers to the number of boxes, in short, how many (quantity and unit) goods in a unit) goods。This problem often leads to the two sides in the process of customer orders are not in the same channel, ultimately leading to the error of customs declaration data。After clarifying this issue, we can have a deeper understanding of the customs logic。

  3.Cargo logic error

  For example, a container is 20GP and 28CBM goods can be installed, but the customs declaration data is indeed 50CBM, which is obviously not consistent with the actual situation。For example, if the declaration currency code 502 is USD, the actual record as USD is an error。This is a manual recording error。Peace and Friendship Freight has a document proofreading system。Data will be compared before being formally recorded to further reduce error rates。

Professional customs declaration common import customs declaration 5 easy to make mistakes, have you ever?

  4.Brand declaration error

  This is one of the most common mistakes in import declarations。Whether it is a factory brand, a customer brand or a label, it should be declared to the customs, which is a measure of customs intellectual property protection。It should be noted that well-known brands with records in customs need to provide authorization。

  5.Misfill or omit important information

  Of particular note is the record number。Contract number。Import date, duty code, weight, etc。As it involves serious issues such as customs statistics, especially taxation and smuggling, once the goods information of enterprises is wrong, the customs will be severely punished。Therefore, the sensitivity and professional judgment of customs agents to cargo information are often of great significance in reducing risks。

  The above five common import declaration errors, as long as before the declaration.Customs declaration can have a standard management process, can reduce errors, reduce additional customs clearance costs。

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