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How do experienced import customs declaration personnel operate customs declaration?

  First, customs declaration needs experienced people, what to do specifically?
  Customs declaration, also known as declaration, refers to the behavior of importers and exporters or their agents to declare to the customs and request the import and export procedures of goods when entering and leaving the country。
  1.Declaration shall be made by the "customs declaration unit" which is qualified for declaration and registered with the Customs。
  2.The customs declarant of the customs declaration unit shall be trained and approved by the Customs, and the customs declaration certificate shall be issued before the customs declaration can be completed。
  3.At the time of declaration, it is necessary to fill in the declaration form and submit the documents prescribed by the customs for inspection
How do experienced import customs declaration personnel operate customs declaration?
  Second, the matters that need attention in import declaration are?
  1.Old medical devices are not allowed to be imported by the state。Importers should pay attention to the declaration date of the goods。According to customs regulations, the import goods shall be declared within l4 from the date of entry of the means of transport。
  2.The weight and number of the goods on the packing list should be the same as that on the bill of lading and the actual goods。
  3..All documents such as import declaration documents (packing list, invoice, trade contract) must be consistent with the actual goods。The name of the goods on the document should be the same and consistent with the name of the actual goods。
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