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What are the service items of foreign trade agency and the basic process of foreign trade agency?

     Foreign trade agencyWhat are the basic processes of service items and foreign trade agents? 

       (1) Basic process

  1.Determine the list of goods for foreign trade。

  2.Sign foreign trade agency agreements and foreign trade contracts。

  3.Open a letter of credit (or pay a deposit)。

  4.Draft import and export documents。

  5.Transport goods (booking, customs clearance, etc.)。

  6.Write off foreign exchange receipts and payments。

  7.Apply for export tax rebate or import tax credit。


  (2) Foreign trade agency services:

  ■ Foreign trade documents: With skilled, professional, careful document operation ability, can provide all import and export process document services。

  Bank receipt and payment: With professional foreign exchange settlement capabilities, we can provide all kinds of exchange, payment, negotiation and forward foreign exchange services。

  ■ Foreign exchange write-off: With many years of professional foreign exchange write-off experience, good record of SAFE, convenient foreign exchange write-off service。

  ■ Booking transportation: all shipping companies, airlines can book the cabin。Cooperated with various shipping companies and airlines for many years, the price is favorable。

  ■ Business settlement: with professional foreign trade settlement ability and good communication skills, to ensure timely and accurate payment of various payments。

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