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Export agent | Is it legal for the factory to find an import and export agent to export the goods?

  The operation process of import and export agents is a formal operation。From the signing of the agency agreement at the early stage of cooperation, it is clear that the agency nature of the agency company, the export service content, and the subsequent order operation process are all done in accordance with the formal export process。

  It is different from the bill operation of looking for freight forwarder export。

Export agent | Is it legal for the factory to find an import and export agent to export the goods?

  The following is throughExport agentSpecific process analysis of operation:

  1. The foreign exchange account of the agent company is a formal bank foreign exchange account in the mainland, which is legally written off and settled。

  2, after the completion of production, the factory issued an increase in the name of the agent company。To pay taxes to the state, the agency company issued formal customs declaration。

  3, after the completion of foreign trade export business, the agency legally declared tax refund。

  Complete the closed loop trade operation process。

  However, the freight forwarder's bill of customs declaration is to buy the customs declaration of other foreign trade companies, because it is only used in the name of other companies to declare customs, but there is no order sale between the company and the factory, and the factory can not issue tickets to the selling company。Naturally, it is impossible to apply for tax refund。This operation has the main problem: the phenomenon of tax evasion exists。And many sales orders are inconsistent with export products。Illegal operation。

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