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Import agency | The prospects for the development of the import agency industry are good or bad?

  1.The Chinese prefer imported goods, user groups

  Imported goods are very popular in China。Foreign countries have strict requirements for food safety。Although the price of imported goods is expensive, the quality of imported goods in the import goods agent market is more guaranteed。Therefore, with the continuous improvement of national living standards, although the price of imported goods on the market is slightly more expensive, they cannot resist the enthusiasm of the Chinese people to buy, and the quality of guaranteed goods is a guarantee for children and families。

  2.Reduced or even duty-free tariffs on imported goods

  With tariff reductions and even tax exemptions,Import agentThe market is more and more loved by major international brands, and brand import goods agency is no longer a luxury。With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have more spare money to buy these imported famous brand goods。In the past, people can only see foreign brand goods in some big cities or on TV, and the emergence of imported goods chain stores, so that imported goods into our lives and homes。

Import agency | The prospects for the development of the import agency industry are good or bad?

  3.The market demand is huge and the business opportunities are unlimited

  China's commodity market is constantly changing, and traditional sales have faced renewal。However, many import commodity agent markets can use the new sales model to sell products, so the income is very considerable, which is also the mainland's commodity sales need to learn from。At present, China's import commodity agent market sales are mainly some chain stores。Brand name and reputation make goods more trustworthy, and there is little need for working capital for small chain stores。Therefore, it is suitable for people in small and medium-sized cities to start businesses。

  4.High industry profit

  The import commodity agent market industry has high profits and is more distinctive in terms of commodity types and brands。In terms of commodity processing and the quality of commodities themselves, the quality is relatively high, which helps to activate the commodity market, enhance the competitiveness of commodities, and promote the development of China's commodity economy。Investment in the monopoly of imported commodities is a coveted investment in a profiteering industry that will bring high returns。

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