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[Import Agent Clearance] What are the documents and procedures required for import clearance?

  Agent import customs clearanceIt is for general trade agent import。General trade agents must determine whether their import method is T/T or L/C before declaration。If it is L/C, the L/C must be opened first, and the import shipment date will be determined after the L/C is opened, and the ship will arrive。开始General trade agent import报关。

  First, provide arrival notice, original bill of lading or telex release guarantee in exchange for bill of lading。

  2. Prepare the documents required for general trade agent import declaration:

  1.Necessary documents: list, INVOICE, contract in one copy, customs declaration, each declaration power of attorney;

  2.For goods imported from the EU, the United States, Korea and Japan, a heat treatment certificate or phytosanitary certificate should be provided if the package is made of wood, or non-wood packaging if it is not made of wood;

  3.Documents issued according to the tariff (e.g., import license, mechanical and electrical equipment certificate, important industrial product certificate);

  4.Provide the tax deduction certificate manual with the tax deduction manual。

  3.After the import declaration, the customs needs to review the price and the customer needs to provide the relevant price proof。Such as letter of credit, insurance policy, original INVOICE, tender and other customs documents。Customers need to pay the tax within 7 working days。If the deadline is exceeded, Customs will pay a late fee after the deadline is exceeded。If goods are submitted home without customs inspection and release (warehouse)。In addition, goods must be declared to the customs within 14 days after their arrival in Hong Kong。If the time limit is exceeded, the Customs shall calculate the late fee (5 ‰ of the value of the goods) on a daily basis for more than three months, the Customs will be sold as the main goods:

  1.First of all, we need to get the bill of lading and INVOICE of foreign customers。Boxes, if imported from Korea, Japan, must also have a non-wood packaging certificate;

  2.First take the bill of lading to the shipping company to change the bill of lading, that is, take the bill of lading from the shipping company to replace the goods, that is, the manifest。The above is the detailed shipping information of your imported goods;

  3.The imported goods that need to be inspected in advance should also be inspected at the Commodity Inspection Bureau。In fact, replacement and inspection should be carried out in advance。If the imported goods do not require commodity inspection, no。

[Import Agent Clearance] What are the documents and procedures required for import clearance?

  4.After replacing the order, if commodity inspection is required, fill in the import declaration form and declare to the freight forwarder。The required information for customs declaration is: INVOICE。箱单。Bill of lading redeemed from the shipping company。Declaration authority。Declaration for imported goods。If commercial inspection is required, there is also a commercial inspection certificate;

  5.Import duties shall be paid on goods imported by general trade agents。Therefore, in order to speed up import clearance, it is better to write a verbal check (but then the finance department of the average business will not agree).。The Customs shall issue a cheque after issuing the letter of payment。Generally speaking, customs duties on imported goods should be paid by check。Customs duties are generally payable to the Bank of China。The bank will stamp the payment after the duty is paid;Now there are more single-window online tax payments。

  6.Give the payment letter to the forwarder, and then the forwarder clears the customs。This is often referred to as a release;

  7.After receiving the customs duties, the customs release stamp will be stamped on the bill of lading and the bill of lading will be taken to the dock where the ship company is located to pick up the goods。(This is often referred to as a secondary release)

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