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What kind of agreements are included in the contract of export agency process?

  Export agency processWhat kind of agreements are included in the contract?Communicate with customers to confirm customer needs。Develop appropriate export plans according to the mode of trade。Exchange product information with customers, formulate export product control conditions and other basic information。

  Customers can make inquiries with foreign businessmen, sign export contracts, or sign tripartite contracts, including agents。

  After the contract comes into force, the letter of credit shall be accepted, modified, signed and transferred according to the requirements of the customer, and air or railway transportation, export commodity inspection, export inspection, export declaration, tax refund and other business shall be arranged according to the agreed mode of transportation。

What kind of agreements are included in the contract of export agency process?

  Exporters are more complicated procedures, the middle involves a lot of links, a little careless, will cause huge economic losses。Such as letter of credit fraud, failure to deliver documents in time, inconsistent VAT invoices can not be refunded, etc., these are the problems that customers and freight forwarding companies may encounter in the cooperation, which has high requirements for the qualification and experience of freight forwarding companies。

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