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What are the conditions for applying for import and export agency? How many steps does the process take?

  I. HandlingImport and export agentCondition of right

  1.Ordinary companies can handle, no registered capital and annual sales restrictions;

  2.Small-scale taxpayers, private enterprises, newly established companies and individual industrial and commercial households can handle it;

  3.An enterprise applying for the right to import or export must obtain an industrial and commercial business license。

  What is the import and export agency, how to apply for import and export rights。

  Conditions for applying for import and export rights

What are the conditions for applying for import and export agency? How many steps does the process take?

  Second, import and export agency processing process

  1.It is expected that it will take 3-5 working days for the business scope to be extended to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau;

  2.Go through the formalities of registration of foreign trade operators with the Bureau of Commerce, 3-5 working days;

  3.3 to 5 working days for customs declaration and registration at the customs under the jurisdiction of the respective district and county;

  4, go to the Customs Bureau for self-care inspection registration and record registration procedures, 3 working days;

  5.It is expected to arrive at China e-port IC card reservation procedure within 5 working days. It is expected to take 5 working days。

  6.According to the reservation, industry and commerce, taxation, customs joint IC card, software, card reader, expected 3-5 working days;

  7, the Administration of Foreign exchange import and export foreign exchange filing procedures, expected 1 working day。

  What is the right to import and export, and how to apply for the right to import and export

  Procedures for handling import and export rights

  Third, the role of import and export agency

  1, obtain import and export agency, can expand the enterprise's foreign trade business, improve the competitiveness of enterprises;

  2, import and export agency can directly go to the bank to receive and pay foreign exchange, safe and assured;

  3.Export in the company's own name, can obtain export tax refund, tax refund can be directly to the company's bank account;

  3.With self-operated import and export agency, it can save import and export agent costs and obtain maximum profits for the company。

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