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Apply for certificate of origin | How to apply for certificate of origin for air transport of export goods?

  1.Goods can be sent by DHL International ExpressApply for certificate of originMing Shu??
  Answer: Yes, as long as the goods are exported from China, you can apply for the certificate of origin, the certificate of origin is handled according to the bill of lading, but not without the bill of lading can not be handled, as long as the cargo information and shipping information is complete。
  2.How does DHL apply for Certificate of Origin for international express shipment?
  Answer: In fact, the handling process of goods by express, sea, air or land transportation is the same, just show the packing list, invoice or fill in the certificate of origin word format table can be handled, one working day can be certified。
Apply for certificate of origin
  3.Does the Certificate of origin have to be delivered?
  A: No, the certificate of origin can be processed before and after shipment, as long as the shipping information is confirmed。Many people want to handle after shipment because they are afraid that the shipping date will change。
  4.How to fill in the voyage and transportation route of the goods by international express?
  Answer: The transportation route is generally similar to sea transportation, but the BYSEA(sea transportation) is changed to BYAIR(air transportation);If the transit is in Hong Kong, fill in VIAHONGKONGBYAIR directly, and the ship name and voyage number directly fill in the tracking number。请注意,起运地/港必须是中国内地的某个地方。
  5.Do I need a certificate of origin for my products through express and air clearance?
  A: If necessary, the certificate of origin is a certificate that the importer requires the Chinese exporter to provide。All import and export products basically have a certificate of origin requirement。
  6.What is the role of Certificate of Origin?
  (1) One of the necessary customs clearance materials;
  (2) as an important basis for taxation;
  (3) important basis for import and export trade statistics;
  (4) Certificate of import and export quantity control measures;
  (5) Documents certifying the origin and place of manufacture of the goods。
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