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International air transport | International air export agent mobile phone accessories should be how to operate?

  How to operate mobile phone accessories productsInternational air transport?Recently, a cross-border e-commerce seller who sells mobile phone cases was inquiring about air shipping to the United States。Today, will answer in detail how to operate mobile accessories products for international air transport。

  1.Stock: provide product name, quantity, size, number of pieces, destination port and destination port consignee name, address, phone number, shipment time, shipper name, phone number, address and other information。

  2.Booking location: The International Air export Agent will book the cabin with the airline according to the designated booking plan, printing the total waybill number, weight, volume and number of pieces according to the flight and date。

  3.Warehouse configuration: Check the basic information of the goods, such as the difference between the actual number of pieces, weight, volume and the quantity predicted in the consignment book。Effective use of reserved cabins and containers, reasonable collocation, according to the aircraft type, container type, height and number of stowage。

International air transport | International air export agent mobile phone accessories should be how to operate?

  4.Export declaration (express declaration, general trade declaration, tax refund declaration, ATA declaration, etc.) : First of all, the contents of the export goods declaration provided by the delivery person are entered into the computer, that is, the computer pre-input。Stamp the special seal of the customs declaration unit on the customs declaration form filled in through the computer;The customs declaration is then combined with the relevant invoices, packing lists and waybills,And attach relevant supporting documents as required;After the above declaration is completed,Customs declaration personnel holding customs declaration certificates shall formally declare to the Customs;After the customs review is correct,The customs officer shall affix the release seal, verification seal and anti-counterfeiting mark on the export bill of exchange, the export declaration form and the product tax refund form of the consignor;Complete export declaration procedures。

  5.Customs clearance: After the waybill is sealed with the customs clearance stamp, it is also necessary to sign with the airline。The order can only be submitted to the airline after it is signed and confirmed。

  6.Flight: After the cargo is shipped out, the airline needs to provide the second and third flight transfer information, confirm the transfer situation, and timely feedback to the customer to facilitate the corresponding treatment。

  7.Notice of arrival of goods at port: After the arrival of goods at the designated port, byInternational air freight export agentAgency notification client。

  8.The recipient picks up the original bill of lading and customs clearance documents from the airline。

  9.Customs clearance and release: the bill of lading and customs clearance documents can be released after stamped with the customs release stamp。

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