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Freight common sense | How are the 8 processes of freight forwarders completed?

  Freight common sense | How are the 8 processes of freight forwarders completed?


  After receiving the booking authorization from the customer, OPERATOR will arrange the booking according to the arrangement of the Ministry of Commerce and the requirements of the customer;Be sure to pay attention to the special requirements of customers, such as: to a certain port, to apply for destination port DEM/DET, etc。The following is the basic content of the power of attorney naming:

  2. Book the cabin

  Timely monitor and urge CARRIER to release shipping space (SO) according to the shipping schedule, communicate whether the specified destination port has special contents of bill of lading (such as CTN\PAN\IEC, etc.), so as to facilitate the arrangement of production and delivery in advance。

  3. Arrange land transportation/delivery

  OPERATOR will find and assign vehicles according to box type, gross weight of goods and address of production and loading;According to the type of cargo packaging, the weight of each piece, the size of each piece and the layout of the storage yard for containers of different shipowners, the storage yard is arranged。

  PS: From the moment we receive the booking order,The OPERATOR can then start installing the vehicle or contact the yard to arrange for the packing of such goods after asking the customer for relevant information,Special products also need to study the packing requirements in advance,And give their own professional advice) remind guests of the latest arrival/packing time,Reasonable allocation,Solve reporting data problems。

Freight common sense | How are the 8 processes of freight forwarders completed?

  4. Team production loading/storage yard packing

  Special reminder:

  For the customer's products, pay attention to the packing requirements (for example: medicine needs to provide dry, clean, no damage, no smell of the old box;Food, need to carry food container level containers, can be verified according to customer needs)

  Ask the team for the case number to provide to the customer in time,Remind them to check the box seal number before packing;The following is a simple description of the general process of unloading at the yard: make an appointment with the yard program → queue up at the yard office window to do the order (need to bring the paper "Delivery Notice") → find the tally after the order is completed → the tally arrangement is placed → the box is placed → check whether the box meets the requirements → the loader/forklift truck or other mechanical force packing (loading while unloading) → the yard card seal after the completion。

  5. Report data

  It is suggested that after the vehicle is arranged, relevant report data documents should be made, and the confirmed information should be filled in. After BLDRAFT is made, customers should be sent to review in advance and the deadline should be informed。

  6, manifest, port dynamics, ECLP, arrival, release inquiry

  After finding the manifest, check the information of weight, dimension and case number;Pay attention to the ship's location, check the port dynamics in time, declare in advance, and ship to the storage yard after the port。(Ship location query, you can use the ship information network oh)

  7. Check shipment

  8. Cargo dynamics

  Regularly check the tracking of goods, generally 7 days after the departure of the ship, 7 days to the transfer port, 7 days to the transfer port, after arriving at the port of inquiry and feedback to the customer, to remind the foreign consignee to pick up the goods in time。

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