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What are the advantages of international logistics when the epidemic is capricious?

  The combination of logistics industry and Internet information technology is an important direction of modern world commercial transportation industry。The promotion of the logistics industry can change the inconvenience of buying goods for consumers in the past, and obtain their favorite goods in a more flexible and free way。International logisticsAs a part of the current logistics industry, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects。

  First, reduce the transportation cost of special lines

  In cross-border transport, the use of dedicated logistics for cargo transport is more common。Through the point-to-point transportation mode, the problem of distribution, transit and time is avoided, and the cost is reduced。Therefore, its price is generally lower than commercial express。In terms of timeliness, although the logistics speed of special lines is faster than that of postal parcels, it is slower than that of commercial express。At present, special lines from the United States, Russia and Europe are more common in China, but some companies also have special lines from South America, South Africa and the Middle East。

What are the advantages of international logistics when the epidemic is capricious?

  2. Integrate human resources

  Resource integration is to realize the effective use of warehousing, logistics, manpower and other resources。Strategic alliances are organizational cooperation between enterprises, from the design of logistics routes to the actual transportation and distribution process, to realize the sharing of information and customer resources。Then realize the reorganization of enterprises, to achieve cross-border logistics enterprise management process more smooth。Before the official operation of the international logistics industry, we need to collectively discuss the allocation of human resources and realize the management concept of talents。

  Third, virtual warehouse to avoid risks

  Because the application of the overseas warehouse model has certain restrictions, it is not suitable for sellers with small shipments and novice sellers, so the virtual overseas warehouse is also the second choice。The so-called virtual overseas warehouse refers to the delivery from China, but the delivery address is displayed as the destination country, which can reduce the possibility of malicious returns by customers to a certain extent。When the customer has a return request, the goods can be returned to the virtual overseas warehouse to be repackaged and sold。The difference between virtual overseas warehouse and overseas warehouse is that the delivery place after the customer orders is different, and the return path is the same。

  It can be seen that relying on the Internet communication technology, the policy support of the maritime sector and the concept of consumer service, international logistics has become a popular mode of modern commercial trade。In the future, with the deepening of the world economic integration, the commodity circulation rate in different regions will continue to deepen, and international logistics will have a broader stage of development。

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