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What are the ten problems that goods import agent enterprises need to pay attention to?

  1.The goods import agent should first ask the customer to provide Chinese packing list invoice and declaration elements, so that the import classification can be advanced (because some customers do not pay attention to provide English packing list and invoice);

  2.Whether the client is a general taxpayer。Because by the way, some people who often do agents will ask whether the customer is a general taxpayer, because the import involves tax payment, some companies will double the title when importing。If you do not ask, there will be a change of order when importing, and there are many problems with customers;

  3.Provide product pictures and take pictures of product packaging pictures, because customers have time to do not know the brand model of the product, some will be displayed on the product pictures;

  4.Whether the card is free of fumigation or whether the product is fumigated, because sometimes encountered, some customers do not pay attention to this point, so the import will encounter problems, resulting in returns, so the import and customer confirmation;

What are the ten problems that goods import agent enterprises need to pay attention to?

  5.The information and customs declaration information sent by the customer is checked by the customer,Because this allows customers to check if there is a problem with their information,Reduce the error rate of the problem,Because sometimes customers forget to provide information,This can be filled in during inspection,In this way, customers can modify it in time,Some businesses do not operate this way,So in the declaration may find that some problems have not been noticed;

  6.The process of agent payment for import agent payment was clarified with the agent, so as to avoid operation errors and affect foreign exchange payment;

  7.Choice of import port。It is best to ask the import agent before import, because they are very clear about import, can reduce a lot of things;

  8.Customs code classification, many import enterprises do not know how to classify the code, if the customer provides the product name, product picture and purpose, find your own agent import personnel to help you classify;

  9.Truthfully declare the value of the goods, because some enterprises in order to pay less tax, deliberately reduce the value of the goods, resulting in problems with the goods。There may be many uncontrollable factors in customs import;

  10.Cargo clearance is the control of timeliness, because someImport agentOften forget to remind customers of free warehouse time and tax time, resulting in a long import time cycle, more than the free warehouse time, resulting in some excess costs。

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