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| Under normal circumstances, what are the advantages for factories to cooperate with import and export trade agents?

  Many foreign trade companies exist as similar intermediaries。It's the factories that actually make the products, andForeign trade companyIts role is to sell the products produced by the factory to foreign customers。The economic source of the survival of foreign trade companies is the difference earned in the process of transferring goods to foreign customers。So at this time, many people will ask, why does the factory not directly find foreign customers to cooperate?Why use an intermediary to make the difference?In fact, this misunderstanding of foreign trade companies also reflects the Chinese people's misunderstanding of the intermediary industry。

       Perhaps many people in China have been cheated by black intermediaries, encounter or seek too much unreasonable profits, or intermediaries take money but do nothing。This is the reputation of our domestic intermediary industry, but in fact, if you think about it, the existence of intermediaries is necessary。As a bridge between the factory and the customer, the foreign trade company needs to negotiate and cooperate with both customers at the same time to seek the best cooperation plan。At the same time, foreign trade companies can provide more professional import and export knowledge and work services for both partners, which can save factory time and energy for both sides。

| Under normal circumstances, what are the advantages for factories to cooperate with import and export trade agents?

  What are the advantages for factories to cooperate with import and export trade agents?

  As mentioned at the beginning of the article, foreign trade companies, as a bridge between factories and foreign customers, can provide suppliers and customers with perfect and reasonable trading methods to reduce the export problems of factories and difficulties caused by customers' imports。On the other hand, if the factory wants to conduct import and export transactions directly with foreign customers, it also needs to handle additional import and export rights and inquire about some tax issues。At this time, if we can find a full-service foreign trade company, it means that our factory can save a lot of work, only responsible for the production of products。

  Second, how should the factory find foreign trade companies to cooperate?

  At this point, in fact, manufacturers are lookingImport and export trading companyThe difficulty of cooperation is far less than the difficulty of foreign trade companies to find stable suppliers to cooperate。On the one hand, as a supplier of products, after the production of products, we can digest the sales of domestic products。On the other hand, many foreign trade companies will take the initiative to find stable, high-quality factories to cooperate with to ensure the stability of the company's customer resources。

       Therefore, as a supplier, the most important job of our factory is to improve the quality of its products, win the favor of foreign customers, understand the advantages and disadvantages of its products and those of other competitors' factories, and understand ourselves and our enemies。In the process of cooperating with trading companies, we should guarantee our after-sales service to trading companies, and then foreign trade companies will naturally come to us。On the other hand, if our factory wants to take the initiative to do this work, we can also find cooperation information of foreign trade companies according to industry network resources, and then discuss cooperation with relevant staff。

  As a supplier, when the factory is looking for cooperation with trading companies, it must try to choose some foreign trade companies with strong strength and rich customer resources to cooperate, so as to ensure the stable sales of its products。On the other hand, we should pay attention to the professional level of foreign trade companies。The level of expertise of foreign trade companies determines the successful sale of our factory products and the level of expertise of customs processing procedures。If the foreign trade company is not professional, it is likely to bring unnecessary trouble to our own factory。

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